The World of Hat Museum


Museum started on a hot January night in 2002, when an intricate woman headdress was acquired at the Night market in the northern Thai city of Chiangmai. This woven hat, decorated by cowries, silver plates and Burmese coins, unexpectedly became the start of the huge collection of traditional headware which now encompasses over 400 items.

Since that day, and on to the year 2014, the collection continued to grow with new acquisitions from all over the world until the its physical size reached a critical level. At this very moment, an idea emerged to create the world’s only museum of ethnic headware in Riga, on a quiet street of the art nouveau district.

Address: 7 Vilandes street, Riga,
Working hours: Daily Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm
Tickets: 3-4 EUR

Why The World of Hat Museum:

  • Huge amount of items in collection
  • Unique museum



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